Bruce Cockburn Live – 1991 Musique Plus – Interview DVD

This disc comes from 2 sources.
First, The Montreal Forum, 1988, with Crosby, Stills and Nash and Michel Rivard, a concert for peace, no nukes.

The second source is a Canadian show titled:
Musique Plus – where Bruce is interviewed and plays 2 songs.(1991)

This first show is :

  • Montreal Forum 1988
  • Concert for Peace with Crosby Stills and Nash, Michel Rivard (No Nukes) – 25 minutes
    1. Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Bruce solo)
    2. Radium Rain (Bruce solo)
    3. If I Had A Rocket Launcher (with CSN)
    4. To Raise the Morning Star (with CSN)

The highlight here is 2 songs where Bruce is backed up by none other than Crosby, Stills, and Nash!!!

20 minutes

Here’s a link to another video online: (not included on this dvd)

(with Bruce on harmonica)

This second show is :

  • Musique Plus
  • A Canadian show where Bruce is interviewed and plays 2 songs.1991- Nothing But A Burning Light tour
    1. Soul of a Man
    2. Child of the Wind

TV quality is poor, but the interview is great, with photos and commentary by Bruce.
50 minutes

I have listed these shows separately to keep track of the dates better.
1988 Montreal – No Nukes Concert with CSN and Michel Rivard
1991 Musique Plus – where Bruce is interviewed and plays 2 songs.

The DVD is “Bruce TV- Vol. #2”
This is part of the Summer of Bruce Vol #2 set, the CD is 2002 Philly Folk Fest.

The years are correct, but the day and month are approximate.

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