1987 circa: Massey Hall – Toronto, Ontario – Bruce Cockburn – solo

1987 -exact date unknown (possibly November)

  • Disc 1
    1. Creation Dream
    2. Lover’s In A Dangerous Time
    3. Don’t Feel Your Touch
    4. Tokyo
    5. Call It Democracy
    6. Santiago Dawn
    7. If I Had A Rocket Launcher
    8. Nicaragua
  • Disc 2
    1. Dust and Diesel // Sahara Gold
    2. Intro to Gospel of Bondage
    3. Gospel of Bondage
    4. Lord Of The Starfields
    5. To Raise The Morning Star
    6. Momma just Wants To Barrelhouse
    7. Peggy’s Kitchen Wall

Very nice FM. This was a SOLO show, find with chimes and bells. It sounds like he was coming back for an encore.. but that isn’t on the disc.

This disc is part of the Summer of Bruce – TV- Vol #1 set. The Vol #1 dvd is 1980s thru 1999 – TV Compilation DVD

For links to these songs and comments visit: www.cockburnproject.net

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