2010 June 16: Luminato Festival – Bruce Cockburn Tribute – Bruce Cockburn & Friends

June 16, 2010

The Luminato Festival

  • Disc 1
    1. Intro medley/ Sunwheel Dance (Jason Fowler)
    2. (Slow Down Fast (Buck 65, Colin Linden – not aired)

    3. If A Tree Falls (Buck 65, Colin Linden, Hawksley Workman)
    4. One Day I Walk (Sylvia Tyson, Jason Fowler, house band)
    5. Homme Brulant (Michael Occhipinti & his band)
    6. Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse (Amelia Curran, house band)
    7. (All The Diamonds (Amelia Curran, house band – not aired)

    8. You Don’t Have to Play the Horses (Blackie & the Rodeo Kings)
    9. If I Had a Rocket Launcher, band intros (Bruce Cockburn, house band )
    10. Tie Me at the Crossroads (Bruce Cockburn, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings)
    11. Laughter (Barenaked Ladies – not aired)

    12. Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Barenaked Ladies, Bruce Cockburn)
  • Disc 2
    1. Going Down the Road (Wailin’ Jennys)
    2. Child of the Winds (Wailin’ Jennys, house band)
    3. Waiting for a Miracle (Colin Linden, Bruce Cockburn, Wailin’ Jennys)
    4. Night Train (Bruce Cockburn, Wailin’ Jennys
    5. Pacing The Cage (Bruce Cockburn)
    6. Strange Waters (Bruce Cockburn)
    7. Last Night of the World (Bruce Cockburn, house band)
    8. Loner (Hawksley Workman, house band – not aired)

    9. Tokyo (Hawksley Workman, house band)
    10. Wondering Where the Lions Are (all performers)

    11. Mystery (all performers plus Ron Sexsmith)

The house band included Gary Craig on drums, John Dymond on bass, Ken Pearson (of Janis Joplin’s Full Tilt Boogie Band) on organ, plus another piano player.

Link to the YouTube interview by Jian Ghomeshi after the Luminato Festival.

Internet – CBC

Recorded from CBC’s ‘Concerts on Demand’, which didn’t include quite the whole show.

For links to these songs and a great review go to www.cockburnproject.net

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