2007 August 9: Eric Harvey Theatre – Banff, Alberta, Canada – Bruce Cockburn – solo

August 9, 2007

The Life Short Call Now tour.

  • Disc 1
    1. Last Night Of The World
    2. See You Tomorrow
    3. Lovers In A Dangerous Time
    4. Tokyo
    5. Life Short Call Now
    6. End Of All Rivers
    7. Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Disc 2
    1. Elegy
    2. Wait No More
    3. Baghdad
    4. Tell The Universe
    5. Put It In Your Heart
    6. If A Tree Falls
    7. Mystery
    8. Stolen Land
    9. Going To The Country

Bruce Cockburn solo


Ramcey’s notes:
I captured this exceptionally tasty show from the CBC.ca
The recording was excellent, except for a few
anomalies that I decided to work on.

First off, there was a nasty ground-hum on the entire recording
at about 10Khz. I did my best to remove it and of course sacrificed
a bit of the high-end sizzle to do so; but it was necessary as on the
quiet songs the loud hum was very unpleasant.Secondly, the CBC
had the audience mic’d, which is cool, but they mixed the audience
so high and loud that it could make your ears bleed if you like to listen
to live recordings as loudly as I do.

Also, Bruce’s between-song-banter was so loud as to also be painful
at times. I reduced both throughout the recording, making for a much
nicer listen. Finally, I added a touch of processing to the over-all sound, tracked
all of the songs (16 total).

For links to these songs www.cockburnproject.net

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