2006 August 6: Great American Music Hall – San Francisco – Bruce Cockburn trio

August 6, 2006

The Life Short Call Now tour.

Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Wondering Where The Lions Are
Jerusalem Poker
Life Short Call Now
Beautiful Creatures
Wait No More
Dust And Diesel
This Is Baghdad
Tell The Universe
Put It In Your Heart
Night Train
Different When It Comes To You
Last Night Of The World
Slow Down Fast
Pacing The Cage
If A Tree Falls


To Fit In My Heart
Let The Bad Air Out
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
Lord Of The Starfields

Life Short Call Now tour


Bruce Cockburn – vocals guitar
Gary Craig – drums
Julie Wolf – accordian, keyboard, backing vocals

For links to these songs www.cockburnproject.net

Full show, but untracked. From audience tape.

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