Bruce Cockburn Live – 2002 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival DVD

  • 29 June 2002 – Black Oak Ranch – Laytonville, CA
    1. A Dream Like Mine
    2. The Trouble With Normal
    3. When You Give It Away
    4. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long
    5. Rumours Of Glory
    6. My Beat
    7. Put It In Your Heart
    8. Let The Bad Air Out
    9. Trickle Down
    10. Call It Democracy
    11. Wondering Where The Lions Are
    12. Closer To The Light [with Nina Gerber]
    13. Last Night Of The World
    14. World Of Wonders

Bruce Cockburn – guitars and vocals

This is a live solo show capture transferred from VHS to DVD. Good.

My review of this concert on the

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