Bruce Cockburn Live – 1985 Purely Music DVD

Recorded for a German tv series of the same name (Purely Music), converted from Laser Disc to DVD in 2004, 40 minutes.

Bruce Cockburn 1985 Purely Music DVD cover art

  • Disc 1
    1. Lovers in a Dangerous Time
    2. Incandescent Blue
    3. All’s Quiet on the Inner City Front
    4. Lord of the Starfields
    5. Nicaragua
    6. If I Had a Rocket Launcher
    7. Dust and Diesel
    8. Put Our Hearts Together

The Band:

Bruce Cockburn – guitars & vocals
Fergus Marsh – Chapman stick
Hugh Marsh – violin and keyboards
Miche Pouliot – drums
Chi Sharpe – percussion

Very Good.

Purely Music
Date: 1985
Venue/Place: Germany
Length: approximately 40 minutes
Notes: Recorded for a German tv series of the same name; does not appear to be a bootleg, probably because of different European copyright laws- but Bruce and his management distance themselves from this release. Only released on LaserDisc so far. ~ from

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