1984 November 19: Old Town Bar & Grill – Eureka, CA – Bruce Cockburn – full band

November 19, 1984

The Stealing Fire Tour tour.

  • Disc 1
    1. Nicaragua
    2. (Nicaragua talk)
    3. If I Had A Rocket Launcher
    4. Creation Dream
    5. Lord of the Starfields
    6. To Raise The Morning Star
    7. Dust & Diesel (end cuts)
  • Disc 2
    1. (band introduction)
    2. Hoop Dancer
    3. Lovers in a Dangerous Time
    4. Joy Will Find A Way
    5. Encores:

    6. Making Contact
    7. Sahara Gold
    8. Put Our Hearts Together

Bruce Cockburn – guitars & vocals
Fergus Marsh – stick
Hugh Marsh – violin and keyboards
Miche Pouliot – Drums
Chi Sharpe – percussion

Sound by Bob McFee

Not the whole show: Thus, the tape starts part way into “Nicaragua”. The band was on from the first song. I still remember the blazing solo Bruce took on “Tropic Moon”. They were on fire. It still hurts that these songs weren’t captured, and that the end of “Dust” was cut too. Here’s what was missed: Grim Travellers / Maybe The Poet / Tropic Moon / Justice. The limitations of cassettes!

However, there is the amazing spoken intro to “Rocket Launcher”, and both “Hoop Dancer” and “Joy” are among the most transcendent things I’ve ever seen Bruce play, so the pain of what is missing is tempered by what IS here.

Recorded by Sean Bohannon. Transferred from the original master cassette to DAT in Sept. 1995. Edited and mastered to CD – July 2007)

For links to these songs www.cockburnproject.net

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